Oilseeds Cleaning Sieve

Oilseeds cleaning sieve is mainly primary cleaning the impurity .

Process characteristics: 
1.the process is designed according to the character of the oilseeds.targeted.and will be more thorough clean for clean oilseeds;
2.To reduce the wear and tear for the follow-up equipment.reduce the dust at workshop;
3.To pay attention to energy saving and environment protection.reduce emissions.cost savings.

1.The amplitude of  oilseeds cleaning sieve is 3.5 ~ 5mm, the vibration frequency is 15.8Hz, vibrating direction angle is 0°~45°
2.When cleaning, the upper sieve plate should be equipped with Φ6、Φ7、Φ8、Φ9、Φ10 sieve mesh,
3.In the preliminary cleaning, the upper sieve plate should be equipped with Φ12、Φ13、Φ14、Φ16、Φ18 sieve mesh.
4.When cleaning other materials, the oilseeds cleaning sieve with appropriate processing capacity and mesh size should be used according to the bulk density (or weight), suspension velocity, surface shape and material size.

Main structure and working principle:

High efficiency vibration oilseeds cleaning sieve mainly consists of the frame, feed box, vibration motor, machine body, discharging box and other parts.

The principle of oilseeds cleaning sieve is to use the screening method to separate according to the granularity of the material. Materials are fed from the feed tube into the feed hopper. Adjusting plate is used to regulate the flow of materials and make them evenly falls in the dripping plate. With the vibration of screen body, materials flow to the sieve along the dripping plate. Large impurities along the upper layer screen surface flow into the miscellaneous outlet and discharged outside of the machine from the sieve underflow of the upper sieve to the lower sieve plate. Small impurities would fall to the baseboard of the machine body through the sieve hole of the lower sieve plate and discharged through small miscellaneous outlet. Pure materials flow into the net export directly along the lower screen surface.